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Re: And Cumberbatch?s Character Is?

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^ Obviously? How do you figure?
Because it's ridiculously stupid, that's why.

I'll tell you what: If BC's character turns out to be the same guy as some random extra who nobody knows, I'll run naked throughout my neighborhood and have my wife film it so you can see it. That's how confident I am that it's not him.

Promise to have it be your wife running through the neighborhood naked while you film it, and it's a deal.

Actually, you're 100% correct. Can you imagine the big reveal? The villain is, drum-roll, please. John Harrison! See? See what we did there? Harrison. He was in "Space Seed". That's the link to Khan. And we gave him a first name. John. It's a play on the members of The Beatles. You know. The band Paul McCartney used to play with.

As it is now, who the villain is will to have to make people audibly gasp when the name finally comes out, or it's all anti-climactic.
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