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Re: So... where next?

Actually, a TV continuation could deal with Earth's future after the end of NuBSG - the story implied that despite the warning signs, Earth (or rather, Earth 2) may have the potential for a different outcome to the experiment. The fate of the freed Centurions is also in question, as they sailed away and now 150,000 years have passed. What did they evolve into?

In a certain creepy way, it would line up with the Glen Larson BSG if a group of human colony worlds got into a war with what appears to be a purely machine empire. That could be what the Centurions became, their origins as human creations long forgotten.

On the other hand, if Earth 2 in some way breaks the cycle of time, perhaps it is in that it creates artificial life but rather than abusing that life, it makes the correct choice and grants it human status. One possible conflict this could set up might be Earth 2 as a human/machine symbiotic civilization finding itself in the middle of a galactic conflict between other groups of humans and other groups of machines, still at one another's throats. Earth 2 would seem anathema to both sides, representing the embrace of what either side distrusted.
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