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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Well, I decided to pass some time by listening to the remainder of the CD I had in my bedroom player (Batman: TAS Vol. 2 Disc 1), and when I was done and opened my apartment door to check the mail, there was a nice cube-shaped box sitting there! And the set looks great. All the discs are intact, and only one popped loose from its frame. (Question: why do they keep CDs in those plastic frames that it's sometimes hard to remove them from, instead of putting them in sleeves like LPs? Although these frames seem better designed than the ones on the Ron Jones set from FSM.)

Haven't started to listen yet, but I read the overview booklet and skimmed the season booklets. The booklets look very good, but I do wish the ratio of text to images had been higher. I bet there's a ton of stuff Jeff Bond learned in his research that he couldn't fit in the notes. (Any chance of a Music of Star Trek revised and expanded edition?) Already learned some things from the booklets. For instance, confirmation that Wilbur Hatch's "Humoresque" library cue was the piece accompanying the clothing theft in "City on the Edge." Also, I hadn't realized that Ivan Ditmars was the pianist on so many episode scores.
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