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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

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The democratic party in general, and Michael Newdow and the ACLU in particular, are attempting to do so daily.
This is obviously not true. No one is trying to stop people from having spiritual beliefs. Newdow is however trying to stop people from printing their spiritual beliefs in national currency, or forcing every shool children to recite those spiritual beliefs. That sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Push them too much, and you're gonna convince a lot of them that it is not only ok, but a good idea, too.
Convince people that homosexuality is a good idea? Do you seriously believe that it is possible to convince a straight person to become a homosexual?

You are also free to believe in catastrophic anthropogenic warming, disarmament of civilians, prohibition of drugs, public nudity, bans on public nudity, and a variety of other religious or pseudo-religious ideas. But we tolerate that nonsense, too, as no-one has all the answers, and anyone who claims to should be sent to coventry.
The first is a scientific fact, only uncertainly might be on the magnitude of the catastrophe. The rest are matters of opinion, in a sense that they're policies, benefits and disadvantages of which can be debated.

Trying to shut up people praying is also not okay. Deliberately inventing a wall of separation between church and state that the founders never intended is not okay.
No one is trying to stop people from praying.

Also are we talking about the founding fathers who specificly put the separation church and state in the American constitution? The founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson who wrote his own version of the Bible, editing out all the supernatural parts he considered to be nonsense?

It's clear you have strong opinions, not yet tempered by experience or wisdom. You need not respect any belief or opinion, but you must respect their right to hold it if you want them to respect your right to hold any particular belief or opinion.
I usually refrain from commenting posting style or personality of my fellow board members, but as you keep mentioning things like this, I have to say that neither wisdom, nor respect are the first things that come across from your posts.

Trying to bring this back to topic, a chaplain as a character makes logical sense to anyone who's ever served, but to a producer, author, or other creator, really only works as a back ground character, or for a main character, as a philosophical counterpoint. To a militant atheist, it is, of course, a heinous idea, but then militant atheists rarely have any tolerance anyway.
Do you know what the word 'militant' means?

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