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New Blood, Part 10

"Rough day, honey?" Carl said, as he held Robin close to him. Goliath curled up on the couch with them, his head still in Robin's lap.

"Ugh, you have no idea. That vole infestation in Upper Pylon 3 is just about driving me crazy. Nog's still acting a bit pissy." Robing groaned, "And Strickland is demanding reports every time I turn around."

"Really, I didn't think Nog was the type." Carl said as Robin closed her eyes as she snuggled against him. Carl shifted his arm slightly from around her waist. He lightly kissed Robin's forehead, the bridge of her nose, and then lightly on the lips.

"He's that ambitious, Type A personality. I guess he wasn't too happy about me taking over." Robin said, "And then I tried the sonic pulse method to control the voles."

"Sounds like it would work. After all, voles do have sensitive hearing." Carl remarked.

"So do Ferengi." Robin said, "Nog was nearby and he went off on me."

"Honey, you couldn't have known Nog was nearby. If you'd like I can give him a piece of my mind." Carl replied.

"Carl, I love you but I don't need you charging in to my rescue about this." Robin replied.

Sounds like back off is the safest option at the moment. Carl thought before saying, "I understand, love, I really do."

"I know you're being protective." Robin said, "And its one of the things I love about you and sometimes it can be one of the things that annoys me about you."

"It hasn't always been easy for me, I take that back, it's never been easy for me to see you get hurt or struggle." Carl said, "Or have a bad day."

"I know that about you too, honey." Robin said, "I also know your capacity to comfort me on especially bad days is one of the things I love about you."

"Well, sweetheart, let me get around to part of the comforting." Carl said, smelling the scent of the curry cooking in the kitchen.

As he walked over to the kitchen to check on dinner he said, "Computer, run program Draper 2-0."

The notes to an old Earth song began to play and first lyrics o a very familiar song began, "You'll remember me, when the west wind moves, upon the fields of barley. You'll forget the sun, in his jealous sky, as we walk in fields of gold..."

Robin smiled, despite the rough day as she heard the song. She lightly stroked Goliath's furry head and said, "Dinnertime, sweetie..."

Goliath perked up and hopped off the couch before following Robin into the kitchen. The lightning was dimmer than the living room, candles adding some ambiance to the dim lighting. She saw the bucket of ice on the table and the bottle of Bajoran spring wine.

She headed to the replicator and said, "Canine Supplement 3."

Goliath's dinner began to appear and she took the dish, setting it on the floor. Goliath immediately began tearing into his meal, his tail wagging mightily.

Robin headed over to Carl, putting her hands on his shoulders, "Someone's playing our song."

"I thought it appropriate. A certain restaurant in Temecula where we had our first date six years ago." Carl said.

"Hmm..." Robin said as she rested her head on his right shoulder, watching Carl stirring their meal.

"So she took her love, for to gaze awhile. Upon the fields of barley. In his arms she fell, as her hair came down. Among the fields of gold. Will you stay with me? Will you be my love? Among the fields of barley. We'll forget the sun, in his jealous sky as we lie in fields of gold."

"Dinner smells great. Chicken curry?" Robin asked as she took a small taste.

"Why yes." Carl said, smiling, before turning to lightly kiss her lips.

"See the west wind move, like a lover's soul, upon the fields of barley. Feel her body rise, when you kiss her mouth, among the fields of gold. I never made promises lightly. And there have been some that I've broken. But I swear in the days still left we'll walk in fields of gold."

"I think that was one of the house specials on our first date." Carl said with a smile.

"Are you sure you're not a Cardassian? That's such a photographic memory of six years ago." Robin said, teasingly.

"That first date is one that I'm never going to forget if I live to be two hundred and forty." Carl replied, "It was where I got into debt."

"Oh?" Robin replied.

"Remember when I told a certain Ensign, engineering type, that I would be in a continuously compounding interest kissing debt from the moment of our first kiss?" Carl said as he turned to face her.

"Hmm, vividly." Robin said as she slid her arms around his neck. Carl's arms snaked around her waist as he drew her close, kissing her on the lips tenderly. Closing his eyes as he savored the moment.

Robin smiled and reluctantly let go of Carl so he could move the pot from off the range to the tabletop beside the moba and steamed rice.

"Many years have passed, since those summer days, among the fields of barley. See the children run, as the sun goes down, among the fields of gold. You'll remember me, when the west wind moves, upon the fields of barley. You can tell the sun in his jealous sky and we walked in fields of gold. And we walked in fields of gold. And we walked in fields of gold."

"Flowers, spring wine, and a home-cooked, candle-lit dinner." Robin smiled as Carl slid the chair out to let her sit down, "I should have bad days more often."


To Be Continued...
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