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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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It's possible that they had some plans for how to end the show, but when they got the green-light for season 7 they postponed them and had nothing to fill the gap, so we get a lot of poorly thought-out filler material. Combined with the fact that the opening arc drained a lot of their creative juices early in the season, and season 6 ends with a major slump.

That a lot of the ideas we eventually see in season 7 were already being kicked around in the prior season is attested by Statistical Probabilities especially, but, I think also, The Reckoning.

So... I think that makes sense. Getting the Romulans involved was the one trigger that was pulled, brilliantly, in season 6.

The Sound of Her Voice works ok, imo, as a kind of "calm before the storm" sort of episode, a little like In the Cards prior to Call to Arms, though that one is more comic, while this one has a contemplative/ominous vibe.

And the season finale does deliver, though perhaps not in spectacular fashion. My only real issue with it is that there has been too much of a lull already, in this season. So, we didn't really need a contemplative/quiet episode at this point.
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