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Re: And Cumberbatch?s Character Is?

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All that mystery for John Harrison? I don't know...I think it might be another diversion. Otherwise, JJ was being completely ridiculous by keeping the name hidden for so long.
This was posted over at Trekmovie a few moments ago. It makes sense. Here it is:

[Trekkies, Pay attention to this post by:
311. Jack Zymurgy – December 10, 2012

I didn’t see this posted above. Here is the Memory Alpha entry for Lt. Harrison, who looks like Benicio Del Toro:

Congratulations Jack, you found our villain.
Oric said it was some one from TOS, and he didn’t lie.
Fan boys started mulling over all the major villains, having conniptions as actors were announced to be in the running for the role.

Now we can understand why they were originally looking for specific ethic types: To better fit the role of the lowly Lt. Harrison, who in this new timeline becomes the most dreaded and feared man ever to live and brings the Federation down to it’s knee’s.
Some one we know absolutely NOTHING ABOUT.

But was there in canon.

Would it have fit better if they found ome one that looked like the original actor who played Harrison, sure,
but being such a minor unnoticed player, and running out of time to find the right actor, they simply found a solid actor who can portray this guy and hand in a grand performance….which is what really counts]
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