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Re: Ships In "The Measure of a Man"

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^ Then again, there is a ship called USS Roosevelt, but is it FDR or Teddy? Think about it.

Maybe it's for both. Howz about that?

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U.S.S. Amber
* I disagree with the writer on this name. When I did the chart, I went through the name letter by letter, and compared each letter to one like it found elsewhere on the chart. In this example, if the name was Aries, then the final letter would look like the first letter in Saratoga or Sector. It doesn't; I then compared it to other letters and came to a determination that it was a R. From there, knowing that the first letter was an A and the last letter was a R, it was a process of filling in the rest.
They probably assumed it said Aries based on my Flare Forums link. I would prefer it said Amber.
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