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Re: Plinkett reviews.... TITANIC

I love Plinkett, and I thought this review was okay. I'm a fan of Titanic, and have many wonderful memories tied to seeing it. I think that, as usual, he hit all of the right notes on why it was good and bad. One of the things I like about Plinkett's reviews is the addition of insight. He explains why a shot is good or bad, which gives me a peek into how movies are made, and what goes into them. So on that score, he did great as always.

Still, for some reason, it fell a little flat for me. I think because this review felt less organized. It didn't have that same tight clip that his other reviews have. Watch one of his Star Wars reviews, and then the Titanic review, and you'll see what I mean. This one feels almost "lazy" in a sense, though I doubt that Plinkett would be lazy in his reviews for even a second.

That said, I enjoyed it, and always look forward to his next review.

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