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It's a private lake, the HOA owns and controls the only boat launch, and home owners actually on the lake have all signed a covenance. A nearby HOA decided to ban fueled motors on their lake. A few years back a third HOA held a private boat (placed a lean?) until the violating owner from out of the area paid a two hundred dollar "usage fee."
If they own the lake they can do that. If they own the dock, but not the lake, then that boat owner could have gotten that lien removed without paying them. Of course, he'd have paid a lawyer a lot more, but sometimes it's worth it.

Darkwing, it has to do with control. If the Federation isn't a state, but it's allied members can exercise control over a area of interstellar space, then they are in fact in control of that space.

If the Federation can't exercise control, then it doesn't make any different if they're a state or a alliance, they don't control it.

I always saw the UFP as a federal gov't, and the alliance talk as a sop, much as we allow Texans to think we'd ever let them exercise that secession clause in their state constitution.
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