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Re: Spacex CEO wants to co-build and fund huge Mars colony effort

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It's been 40 years, let it go. You'll have a pad queen that gets launched MAYBE once every 2 to 4 years.
Better than Golden spike which will never launch--and their costs were probably on the low side anyway. No diff in the long term.

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In fact, that's why I wasn't really excited by the Golden Spike announcement on Thursday - No big investors announced with it. Just more dreamers I fear.
That's why I support SLS. It will fly to the moon before GS, or China I hope.

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Rand Simberg was scratching his head over this proposal's listing of $100 million for crew training as a non-recurring cost.
There is no way to do this that isn't costly, so you might as well get as big a vehicle out of it as possible to reduce risks.
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