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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

^^ I would have guessed about 30. He doesn't look anywhere near that old.

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And so he didn't insist Jacqui leave with him... why?
I don't really remember Jacqui, so I'd have to rewatch to know for sure, but presumably, in the heat of the crisis, he focused on his friend.

This isn't about Andrea. This is about him. She doesn't get to do that to him, because he wants her. As a friend, a daughter, a lover, in what sense he wants her is not as important as the knowledge that he wants her and he will do what he can to keep a hold on that. After this display he thinks he deserves a medal or something, or at least, automatically, love and trust from Andrea (even as he holds on to her gun).
That's just a negative spin on him caring about her-- you can make any relationship sound selfish in that way. The point is that he cared enough about her to save her, to even risk his own life to save her, and then kept an eye on her, and kept dangerous things away from her when she continued to exhibit suicidal behavior. There's nothing creepy about that in the slightest.
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