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Samuel L. Jackson Wants to Return as a One-Handed or Ghost Mace Windu

Although Mace Windu was last seen having his right hand sliced off and being battered by a whirlwind of evil Sith lightning as he fell from the open window of an ultra-tall skyscraper - supposedly to his death far, far below - Samuel L. Jackson is chomping at the bit to play Mace at least one more time in the upcoming Episode VII, either as a still-living, one-handed former Jedi who's spent decades in hiding to escape the evil Empire or as a blue, shimmering Force ghost like Obi-Wan, Yoda and Anakin.

Here's the breaking E! Online story.

Thoughts? Would you guys mind seeing Mace return as a scarred and wounded old man or even as a ghost to help guide the New Jedi Order and Luke Skywalker? Or should Mace, no matter how cool and badass he was in the prequels, be left out and there should be as few Prequel Trilogy characters in the Sequel Trilogy as possible?
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