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Re: Kerbal Space Program

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You can't swap capsules without rebuilding the whole damn rocket - that's my main beef with the interface. I'd like to have a set of, say, three basic launch vehicle configurations, and a larger number of payload types. ***
Get Payloader. It's great.

I have pretty much 100% monopropellant and I'm aware of the mode toggle (R) between rotational/lateral controls. In fact, sometimes the jets fire, most times they don't. Sometimes I even get lateral movement from QWEASD and rotational from IHJKLN without mode switching. Sometimes the jets fire on the other damn spacecraft. I think I'll try reinstalling or maybe wait for the update.
I've seen the bug were the ship stops responding. A work around I have found for it is to go to the tracking station and then assume control of the ship again from there. Seems to re-initilize whatever the bug is.

My rocket of choice right now uses 9 LV-t30 engines clustered under one of the big orange jumbo tanks as the core and then I asparagus crossfeed 6 of those cores around the central core. 63 Engines firing at once! Most launches the central core makes orbit with a full load of fuel plus whatever payload I have thrown on top. The last launch I tried using this vehicle managed to put up 15 of the hitchhiker pods and the various equipment needed to hold it all together and keep it powered and maneuverable.
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