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Re: "After Earth" - Trailer (M. Night Shyamalan, Will & Jayden Smith)

The biggest problem with the Hollywood feature film industry today, the reason why there are so many flawed or failed movies, is that directors have all the power and believe that either they don't need writers or that writers are nothing but hired help there to write down the stories the directors want to tell. In cases where the director actually is a writer, like Joss Whedon or Gary Ross, that can work. But too often, the writing is the weakest part of a brilliantly directed, cast, production-designed, scored, etc. film because there's just no respect for the importance of writers in the film industry, because too many directors just see a script as a series of suggestions or a loose framework to string their directorial set pieces together.

This is why we need more people like Whedon -- people who started out as showrunners in TV, a medium where writers rule the roost, and thus understand the importance of writing to the process.

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Is "fils et pere" some kind of typo? I tried looking it up but only found references to wine.
It's French for "son and father," or "Junior and Senior." For instance, the author of The Three Musketeers is called Alexandre Dumas, père to distinguish him from his son Alexandre Dumas, fils.
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