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I've posted these before ages ago, but I'll post them again nevertheless.

The red movie uniforms seemed always a bit too stiff and formal for everyday use, so I designed these slightly more casual class B uniforms:

Then I made a variant for early 24th century that partially explains how the red shifted to be the command colour. These are class B uniforms like the previous ones, the normal movie jacket would be worn on more formal occassions, but at this point it would be rarer, more like dress uniform really. Pattern is based on Kirk's vest, and undershirt colours are in TNG deparntment colours, with the exeption of command being still white with the red trouser stripe like in the movies. Hovever, while others wear grey jackets, the captain and possibly the first officer are distinguished by a red jacket.

These are old and not how I'd do them now, but here they are nevertheless:

These are utility jumpsuit to go with the grey class B. Possibly for enlisted personnel:

Longinus, these are great designs! It makes much more sense than just using the movie jackets without the collars, and makes the transition to TNG much easier to see. Well done!
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