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Star Trek's 21st Century

Other than Strangers From the Sky and Federation, does any other Trek lit deal with Trek's 21st century?

I've always found Trek's depiction of the 21st century facinating. it seems to swing wildly between dark age yet unprecedented space exploration. That Enterprise did not spend much time fleshing out this era was always a bit of a disappointment.

While we can all be grateful that Trek's late 20th and early 21st century never came to pass, I think that its unfortunate that the divergence has made it a time period that people have shied away from.

In fact, I think that one of the things that diminished my overall enjoyment of First Contact was that it obliterated the well though out timeline created in Federation. The steady decline of civilization coupled with expanding space exploration depecited in that book fit with what we knew about that era better than what we ultimately got in First Contact.
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