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So... where next?

Blood and Chrome is finished. Most fans I'm talking to or reading comments from indicate it wasn't as good as it could've been / got weaker as the installments went on and SyFy's passing on the decision for a series was ultimately justified.

So what next? I imagine the obvious answer for the franchise is 'dead', but is there anywhere else we could go?

Unless we get a different backer I don't think SyFy cares enough for another show. The problem with the BSG universe is it's a very closed landscape; the main show begins with Caprica and ends with BSG's Daybreak. There aren't too many side stories you can visit as the path to the end of the road is already written. I personally think the only stuff we can see working well without worrying about reaching the next known plot point (which was a problem with B&C; the whole 'lets end the war' angle is futile as the audience knows it's two years away and we've already seen how it ends, so tension is already lost) is the first Cylon war. You have the tension, you have the conflict, just go with it and don't worry about what happens next. Like a series set in 1942; you don't know when the war ends, you just show the war.

Another option I had would be to show something in the intervening years, like a West Wing sort of story which follows the President and deals with the twelve colonies. Unfortunately everyone would be craving Cylons and as we all know the Cylons aren't around at that time.

Another TV movie perhaps? Maybe, though again it depends on when you want to put it in the whole scheme of things. During the BSG series? Between Caprica the series and Cylon War One?

Anyone got any other suggestions...? ...another reboot like the Singer project...?
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