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Re: First glimpse of new TARDIS control room!

Empire building is a thing with you Brits, no?

Hum, I do find it a little weird that they spent cash to refurb the "11.1" console room set (sic), and then barely use it before building the 11.2.

They had added a lot more coral to the opposite wall (which had previously been an almost featureless gray wall), rearranged some of the lower entrances, and most noticeably added a large "spiderweb" construct in one corner. Then they added some small details like the larger carpet in the entrance, etc. to make it look a bit more lived in.

The thing about the 11.1 set is that while it allowed for true 360 degree shooting (the 9/10 console room was only 2/3 of a set and didn't have, among things, an internal door), but still missed out on some angles and had at least one place where depending on where you were standing, you could see the walls of the studio beyond. Also strangely, the ceiling of the set didn't join directly to the walls around it; this is obstensibly to allow extra lighting to be added as needed that was hooked to the lighting grid overhead. So while the 11.1 set was larger and allowed far more dynamic shooting, it still had noticeable gaps and odd openings in it.

Rumour has it that the 11.2 is a smaller, gloomier set that reflects the Doctor's gloomier, solitary lifestyle of late. When on his lonesome he arguably doesn't NEED tons of space (how often does ANYONE sit down in the console room, anyway?) but with Clara joining the crew now, I wonder if it will be incrementally changed. The picture looks pretty cold, perhaps they'll warm it up over the eight episodes?

At the very least, I do hope they'll maintain the 11.1 set's multiple levels and exits. Moffatt has stated that the TARDIS regenerated / remodelled itself with the Doctor's own regeneration as an influence, thus explaining the chaotic look and feel. If that edict carries over to where we find him next (mentally anyway), there may be a lot of dark corners and sharp angles, not unlike some of the pre-prod art that was posted in this thread. Also, I hope we can get a 360-degree set again, as with this year's cinematic style it wouldn't surprise me that they were pushing the limits of the 11.1. British sets have a strong theatre legacy in them, and as a cause or result it often looks like they're shooting a stage play - so even with the current st they're still shooting mostly from the featureless grey wall (thus putting it on the low end of the priorities list to refurbish or add detail). This is in contrast to, say, Star Trek, where the bridge or whatever will be a full set with walls and ceiling bits that are removed as needed to allow the cameras and lights to be set up. The 11.1 was apparently not built to have walls move, according to previous posts.

I guess we'll find out in a matter of days! We in the audience, and the Doctor himself always like that first time someone new walks into his machine. I expect we'll be blown away. This was an unexpected change, but change IS good, and it's what this show is all about.

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...
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