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Re: How I Met Your Mother vs Friends

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I also think there is a bit of the age of the cast that I can relate too. I'm approximately the same age as the characters and went through life a bit like they did. Finding my way and love with my friends.
That makes sense. I'm 29 now and was in my early/mid-teens when Friends was at its peak, so that could be one reason I relate to HIMYM more.
I think that's my situation, too. I was a teenager when Friends was on the air. It's series finale aired my freshman year of college. The characters in HIMYM are right around my age and are dealing with issues that I can relate to a lot better.
I guess I'm kind of an anomaly. I'm the same age as you RojoHen, I was starting my freshman year of college when Friends ended, but even though my current experiences match better with HIMYM, I don't find it as relateable for some reason. I guess, I just have a hard time seeing the characters as real people, it doesn't feel authentic. With the Friends cast I never for a minute got taken out of the story of their lives, it seemed like it really could have been happening.
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