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Re: Your Christmas Wish List

Whewww! I got lots of Christmas shopping done over the weekend. I still have one more (and final) round to go this weekend.

As a guy, I'm pretty pleased with myself. I make a list of people and gifts, I go in and out of the store, and I'm done! Booyah!

Here's what I got:
  • For my friend Madge: A pillow and a $25 JC Penney gift card
  • For work friends: $25 Peet's Coffee gift card, $30 PF Chang's gift card, $30 Trader Joe's gift cards (x2), Godiva chocolate (x8), See's Candy boxes (x2)
  • For my youngest nephew: $50 Target gift card and a Lego Ninjago toy set
  • Nephews/Nieces: $25 Forever 21 gift card, $25 Amazon gift card, $25 Macy's gift cards (x3), $25 IHOP gift card
  • Last week, I got my dad a Ralph Lauren Polo Black cologne gift set.
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