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Re: Villain discussion Poll

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I'm officially changing my vote back to Mitchell on the premise that when doing a multiple guess quiz, your first answer is the right one.

Also, the villain should be a contemporary of Kirk's, not a mentor figure like Garth. Cumbers is too young for that role.
It's hard to guess based on age, and will probably lead to erroneous conclusions.

Though Garth is probably supposed to be in his mid-to-late 40s, Steve Ihnat was only 34 when "Whom Gods Destroy" was filmed. By comparison, Cumberbatch was 36 during the filming of "Into Darkness".

If del Toro was truly the first choice to be the villain, he would've been going on 45 during filming. As it turned out, they cast an actor about nine years younger for the part, instead.

For what it's worth, Montalban was 46 when "Space Seed" was filmed.

Gary Lockwood wasn't even 30 when WNMHGB was filmed.
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