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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I watched Time's Orphan once, and I don't believe I've ever rewatched it. I remember not liking it at all.

The end of season 6 is weird. Alongside a few classics, there is a stretch of episodes that I think is the worst the show ever produced, outside of maybe season one.

Depending on how one feels about His Way, and maybe Wrongs, I guess.

I suppose the direction-less feel to a lot of these episodes may be due to the uncertainty about the show moving forward to a seventh season. We ended up with quite a bit of what is basically filler at the end of season 6.
I enjoyed all of those episodes somewhat - perhaps His Way and Time's Orphan are more at the average end of the scale, but I enjoyed Wrongs Darker and Valiant.

I liked Sound of Her Voice too, the unnecessary twist at the end aside. It was good to hear the crew talking about how they were feeling after some of the crazy shit that had gone down.

I have to agree that season six has really hit a rough patch though. There is the occasional gem, but you have to get through too much fluff to get to it. Aside from In The Pale Moonlight, it's just not as dramatic or exciting since the Occupation Arc.
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