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Re: 'Cloud Atlas' (2012) Wachowski Brothers rumors/info until release

While I loved Cloud Atlas personally and would rate it one of my top five films of the year, I wouldn't begrudge a reviewer who listed as one of the most disappointing films of the year, because their expectations from the trailers or book were not met. It's like Prometheus for me. It's not by any means one of the worst movies of the year if you include all the hundreds of films released, but it was a huge disappointment for me based on my expectations. Obviously not everyone enjoyed Cloud Atlas or found it engrossing or an impressive technical achievement the way I did, and I can respect that.

But including it in the list of the ten worst films of the year, and putting it at the top of that list is pretty hard to reconcile for me with all the crap that been out there this year (and every year). It comes off as contrarian trolling for publicity in the style of Armond White as AvBaur suggests rather than reasonable criticism. Even if you didn't enjoy it, it at least aspired to be something unique and interesting, and you should at least be able to acknowledge its technical achievements. Those things should lift it above the typical lowest common denominator fodder that doesn't require any effort or aspire to be anything noteworthy, and just tries to pander to a small demographic and make its money back on DVD.

This film aimed to be something more and put a big budget behind that as a gamble, and even if you feel it fell short of achieving those goals, something should be said for the producers, cast, and crew of the film at least making the effort and taking the risk to try.

So, to sum up, suck it Time reviewer.
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