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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

I really liked it up to the point the crash-landed on the planet - the the RDM 'by the numbers' approach seemed to hit, and it got dumb fast.

1) Why send the marines seperately, and DAYS ahead of the person withe the package? That's asking for trouble.

2) The insertion team and first Battlestar had a HELL of a time sending a team to the surface; yet after breaking into a Cylon facility (amazing no more Cylon patrols encountered them after the one that attacked the Ski Lodge); and doing the upload; Adama just nonchalantly hits his signal beacon and another raptor appears pretty quickly swoops down (no fuss and no fighter escort shown); picks them up and cut to the Galactica sickbay.

I now see why SyFy passed. Great start, lousy finish; and another BSG2003 situation where the first few shows get high ratings and then sees a massive fall off as the writing goes downhill fast.
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