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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

Gary, all of the actors for Renegades had to be in SAG, it was a requirement, they are getting some compensation, albeit not as much as one would typically get for budget reasons. Also, we can not directly sell DVD's as it be a violation of CBS licensing.

As for STOGAM, it was six years ago, there were many issues with the production such as unbearably hot filming conditions, and trying to get the CGI done on time, etc.. It was the first time that everyone got together to make that film, over the years the core group has gotten closer and several have worked on other projects etc.. With Renegades, we looked at all the problems with STOGAM, listening to fan input etc.. We agreed on certain things that hurt STOGAM and vowed not to have those issues with Renegades. For instance no shaky cam stuff (trendy at the time with BSG, etc.) , making sure everything is done at minimum of 1080 HD, sets and lighting issues etc.. We have also haggled over story elements making sure canon is upheld and to trying to make sure things do not draw too heavily on knowledge of the past series and films.
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