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Re: Kerbal Space Program

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Indeed, i've seen those on the KSP board as well. Get so used to the game taking care of anything for you that you can't do it on your own. However, to be fair I can't see any NASA pilot getting a shuttle into stable orbit without the computer. But shit who knows..
That's a fair argument, and even Yuri Gagarin didn't have manual control over Vostok 1 when he went into space. But at the same time, I'd imagine that the controls in KSP are considerably easier than those on a real spacecraft.

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The game still seems quite buggy to me (version 0.18.1).
Version 0.18.1 is pretty buggy as it was rushed out to fix a major bug with docking. There'll probably be a version 0.18.2 out soon enough. I've not experienced any bugs with the RCS system though, I've docked a dozen or so times and never had a problem with it.

It's also a pain that vehicle design is centred around capsules - it would be much better to be able to design lift vehicles and payloads separately and then mate them in the VAB.
I think there's a mod for that, but that functionality is definitely is something they should consider adding to the vanilla game. When building my space station, I had a set launch vehicle and tug arrangement and I would just alter the payload manually.

I'd also like to be able to choose the crew complement - I don't necessarily want a vehicle to be manned (kerballed?) on a shake-down flight.
I think they're planning something like that for career mode, along with some sort of skill and experience system for the Kerbals, but nobody knows when that will be. Right now, I'm just happy they've added unmanned vehicles at long last. I can finally send missions to the worlds I have yet to visit without having to worry about the return journey.

I finished construction of my space station. I nearly gave up on it because it had gotten so big that I started to suffer major FPS issues when I got close to it, and the final construction flights were like a slideshow. But it's finally done and I can move on to other things.

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