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That mindset is so dangerous. So an, let's say, Amish community sitting on an oil resource can simply be dealt with, and if they don't want to move because - simply - it's their home, they can be removed by force.

Or natives, with their backwards attitude regarding technology.

If we break it down to the simplest example, your neighbor has something you want, and you don't agree with his lifestyle, and you think that what he has that you want is in the wrong hands, you can simply take it from him and be right?

And what do you think of Avatar?

you misunderstood me. My belief that the Baku should be moved is not related to my views on their lifestyle. I'm just saying that I find it interesting that Picard(and we as the audience) are meant to be charmed the Baku's simple, agrarian lifestyle. It's at odds with Star Trek's usual philosophy on the use of technology as a resource for progress.

As for your analogies, I don't think you can seriously compare stealing from your neighbor because he has a lifestyle you disagree with. The situation presented here is that there's a revolutionary medical resource that can help billions. You want to take that SPECIFIC scenario and turn it into a more general hypothetical one, but that's not what I'm arguing here.

As for "avatar," I didn't much care for it, but at least it presented a more balanced case for the N'avi. They were actually native to the planet, and they were a real civilization, not a tiny village.
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