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Re: Plinkett reviews.... TITANIC

I think they did it in concert with their "stream day."

I find it odd to see people kind of disappointed with this review because it wasn't a total scathing review. People may be disappointed that the whole murder-hooker thing has been diluted a bit. To both counts, I think Plinkett was wise. He still has a lot of the latter humor peppered in there but he doesn't want it to take away from the actual film critique. And the film itself, like it or not, is significant in film history, for how it used effects, how it ignored the cynicism that creeps into most modern films, how it used effects, and what it meant to people who watched it. Simply pounding the film would make him seem rather short sighted. RLM might make a lot of jokes, and they might not take themselves too seriously, but they most certainly are interested in all aspects of film making,
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