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Re: Modeling Updates: Refit, Classic, and D7

Yes, it is also a very easy to assemble kit... the nacelle pylons have an extremely sturdy bracing, so no drooping is anticipated. Of course, this model took me way too long to assemble, so I now have the problem that I think I sat it at awkward angle during storage and permanently misalgined at least one of the pylons. I may need to use rubber bands to try to coax the nacelles back into trim.

I also ran into a bit of a setback on my TOS model yesterday. I had to remove some uneven paint, so I soaked the part in paint thinner. The nacelle caps wound up with an unremovable cloudiness, which would have been great, except it was uneven. Also, all the tabs on the underside of the nacelle cap fell off while they were in the paint thinner. As a result, though it isn't what I really wanted to do, I wound up painting the nacelle caps a straight red. Mainly, I just want to be done with the kit. I started the two Federation models in August, so I am ready for them to be on display.

So, perhaps as early as tomorrow, I should have some images of the completed Endeavour model.

I also took to filling my missing torp tube on the refit with putty, will dab it with base coat tonight, and will use some window decals I have leftover to make the appearance of torp tubes. I also plan to get out a drill and put a tiny hole in the center of the deflector, where I can slip in a spike to complete the look.

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