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Re: classic who anthology dvd box?

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I loved the five doctors...I think Iīm going to continue with Peter Davison...I find him the most likeable of the five. (granted...we donīt see much of four there), One and two have something...canīt put my finger on it...something that makes them seem a bit to arrogant for my taste. And Iīm not at all sure about what to make of three.

Which are considered Davisons best serials?
Caves of Androzani, his last story, is consistantly voted by fans as their favorite story of the entire series (not just 5's era).

Black Orchid is a fun, if extremely short, story. It requires no knowledge of any previous (or future) story, completely standalone, and is only 2 episodes.

If you've seen (and enjoyed) The Three Doctors, there is a follow-up called Arc of Infinity, in which the "bad guy" from TTD returns.

Of course, there is the standard Dalek story, and a Cyberman story that is notable for something happening in that story that hadn't happened since the 1960s, a shocking event (if you go in without spoiling yourself).
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