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Re: First glimpse of new TARDIS control room!

Yeah, like the bosses at BBC Wales being more interested in empire building than the basic work of just getting on with making the programmes they've already got.

"I've had a great idea..."
"Oh no, I can feel one of my headaches coming on..."
"We're going to build a new studio!"
"What's wrong with the current one?"
"Not big enough for all the shows like Casualty we're going to make here."
"They make Casualty in Bristol."
"Not any more. I've persuaded the BBC Trust to say that only drama centres like Cardiff can make drama. Not Natural History centres like Bristol."
"How do we afford to build the new studio?"
"Take it out of this year's production budget."
"How do we pay to make our existing programmes as well?"
"We can't. We'll just have to stop making them for half a year."
"What about the TARDIS set? When we built the last new studios we decided we'd never need to move it, so it can't be moved."
"Build a new one!"
"I can definitely feel one of my headaches coming on.
"And I've got another idea."
"Definitely feeling one of my headaches coming on..."
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