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Re: Starfleet Marine Corps

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Sci wrote:
nor enact domestic legislation
EU makes laws that are binding to its members all the time and it is not a sovereign state...
The European Union is a sui generis entity -- something more than an alliance but less than a true sovereign state -- that has been evolving in the direction of becoming a sovereign state for decades. But that in-between status is unsustainable -- it will either become one or the other, because in-between cannot last. And indeed, the impossibility of having a monetary union without a fiscal union (just look at the crisis that horrible combo has produced in Greece) will inevitably push the E.U. to either become a sovereign state in its own right, or to fully dis-establish itself as a mere alliance.

As for negotiating the peace, obviously the Federation members (through the council or directly) have given the president the authority to negotiate on such a treaty. EU has representatives that negotiate on its behalf.
I could find no reference to the E.U. itself being able to sign and enact treaties with non-E.U. states in the Wiki article on E.U. external relations -- merely that E.U. diplomatic missions are delegated certain authorities from its member states for the day to day purposes of representation, particularly from the national embassies of whichever country is currently serving in the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but it is my understanding that E.U. member states still have to sign and ratify actual treaties, because they are the true sovereigns. Further, the E.U. is only delegated authority in certain areas, with most foreign policy remaining in the hands of the individual E.U. member states.

There is no evidence whatsoever that the Federation's member governments sign and ratify UFP treaties, nor indeed that they have the kinds of veto powers over Federation foreign policy possessed by E.U. member states.

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So, exactly what authority does this HOA think they have to enact a speed limit, and how would they enforce it? If I had a boat, I'd laugh at them.
It's a private lake, the HOA owns and controls the only boat launch, and home owners actually on the lake have all signed a covenance.
In other words, the HOA does not have the authority to issue a nation-wide speed limit. The Federation Council does.

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Sci wrote:
Sounds like it's the Federation's Starfleet to me.
Which seems to prove the point of Merry Christmas - it's never United Federation Starfleet.
I am truly at a loss as to what the distinction is between "Federation Starfleet" and "United Federation Starfleet." "Federation" happens to be the adjective to describe institutions of the UFP rather than "United Federation." Are we contending that Starfleet is not a Federation institution because it is the Federation Starfleet rather than called "the United Federation Starfleet?"

Are we also contending that the Royal Navy is not the United Kingdom's navy just because it doesn't have the term "United Kingdom" in its name?
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