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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

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That might sound rational to say, but I don't think it's the actual truth. It only makes sense in syllogistic form
You're right. We wouldn't want to bring rational thought to a discussion. It IS the internet after all.
Har Har Har but of course you fail to see the actual point I was making.
Har har har, you weren't making an actual point, other than some claim towards "truth" which any reasonable person couldn't make until they've seen it... And even then... it's still opinion...

But not just me:
From Den of Geek:
The suspension of disbelief is what cinema is built upon. Whether it is simply accepting one person can pretend to be another, or something as grandiose as believing a man can fly, films are nothing without it. And this suspension of disbelief is one step closer to being ripped away by High Frame Rate (HFR). It essentially makes most of the film look completely unrealistic and fake, which in a grand fantasy film is not something you want. While it works superbly in the large scale set-pieces and with CGI, removing the boundaries between what is model work and what is computer generated, whenever it cuts back to the actors you are instantly back in the studio with them, complete with terrible lighting and obvious prosthetics, and away from Middle Earth. Itís the first thing you notice from the very first scene, with a jerky motion blur apparent in many of the actors movements. You'll barely be able to get used to it over the three hours of the film, and as much as we like seeing every pore of Martin Freemanís face, this is a film best watched with the more traditional filmic substance of 24fps.
1. Who cares what the Den of Geek says? Is it some sort of statement of fact that I should listen to over anyone else? When do Dens of Geeks become some sort of authority over my own experience?

2. Again, are we just so used to 24 fps that its going to take time, and certainly better technology, for us to adjust? What is so magical about 24 fps? Its just a number that we are used to. Its a frame rate chosen by technology we no longer use, why should we be beholden to something chosen by people long since dead?
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