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Shepard cares a lot more about people than places.
How does that explain the scene when Anderson suggest getting the help from the council and Shepard responds with this?

Shepard: The Council? The fight is here!

Shepard says this even if she's in a serious intimate relationship with an alien who's most likely about to be attacked by the Reapers as well. Shepard literally put place > people.

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Which is probably why we never even got to SEE Earth until Mass Effect 3. It's a boring little planet that is otherwise strategically insignificant and only became important when the Reapers used it as their forward command post at the start of the extinction cycle (thus it's slightly less important than Kar'shan, but the Batarians suck and nobody likes them so nobody's gonna rally to save their crappy little planet).
Which again doesn't make any sense when there is a much better command post for their invasion at the Citadel. You know? The one place the Reapers designed to be a TRAP for all space fairing civilizations. Why hit only humans when they can hit everyone at once, EVEN humans? All the leaders would be dead, all the information about each race's colonies, defenses, strengths, colonies ect. would have been gathered and the refugees would have no where to go. Too much trouble for the Reapers? They took control of it and moved it to Earth before anyone knew what was going on!

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