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Re: Garth of Izar is the bad guy?

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Cumberbatch would be fantastic as the mania fueled narcissist dandy that was Garth.
Thank you, youíve put your finger on exactly what I've been trying to express: Garth was a dandy. And thatís exactly why I donít think Cumberbatch will be playing him. Benedictís a bad a*s, plain and simple, no dandy.
I couldn't agree more...

My other problem with Garth has to do with the Timeline. My impression is that The Battle of Axanar was 'pre-Nero-timeline-interference.' So that would mean Garth's already been committed to the facility on Elba II. (Aside: Even the name Elba II should tell you something about the "dandy-ness" of Garth's character). Anyhoo, Garth is older than Kirk (as depicted in TOS) by at least a generation. BC's villain appears to be more contemporary to Kirk's age. Attempts to explain that in the Abramsverse would be tedious at best.

Please don't take this criticism the wrong way. I think that Garth would be an excellent character to develop further in this new timeline. As one other user said, Garth has "a walk in closet full of crazy" that I would love to see played out in the Abramsverse.

My problem with Gary Mitchell isn't dissimilar... as many many others have said, Gary Mitchell "don't need no stinkin' weapons." And any attempts to explain a diminution in his power would only add to the existing canon of "Treknobabble" complaints that non-fans level at TNG/DS9/VOY already.

I'm hopeful that somewhere buried deep in a TOS episode is a character so obscure, yet dripping with undeveloped potential, whom JJ will lead us to "re-discover."

On that note, I just can't get Lazarus out of my mind (especially in light of BC's rumored appearance in the 9-minute preview).
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