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Re: A thought on Gold Pressed Latinum.

The replicator has been shown to have difficulty with producing living tissues and bodily organs.
But only difficulty - it is possible to replicate organs and tissues in a cinch. Even the Voyager of the first season, with damaged replicators that couldn't even feed the crew without rationing, managed to replicate functioning neural tissue without much comment.

So this doesn't actually solve anything. It just takes us back to the square that reads "GPL can be replicated, but with difficulty", after which we can go on discussing how we today use symbolic money that can be replicated with difficulty and have very few problems with it.

The ENT episode "Dead Stop" gave proof that replicators cannot create life itself, ergo the fake Mayweather body that was replicated by the Repair Station.
That only applies to that one particular replicator, which wasn't of Federation manufacture or late 24th century interstellar standard.

There isn't any obvious reason why replicators couldn't replicate life. Life isn't all that exotic or complex, not in comparison with intricate things like taste or smell. But lots of life, glued together into a complex lifeform, might take a lot of replication effort, the same way lots of intricate containment fields took a lot of replication effort in TNG "The Child". And there might seldom be a motivation for that much effort.

I think in a few cases I've heard people refer to 'Latinum earrings'
Might be the same as paper earrings made out of a particular sort of paper - namely, thousand-dollar bills.

Timo Saloniemi
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