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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Well, no points for effort in HTV's handling of the visual effects. Where as CBS Digital would add a little sparkle to their work (fixing continuity errors), HTV seems to be doing the absolute minimum.
I have to agree. I just watched "Q Who" and the scenes where the 1701-D is slowly flying away from the camera into space you can see, that the nacelle lights pass isnt quite stable horizontally. At some points the nacelle lights move slightly left/right away from the models nacelles. HTV didnt even made the effort to stabilize the nacelle light pass.
I noticed this too, but its not only the nacelles the whole ship judders about. Also keep an eye out towards the very end when the shot runs out of motion and it becomes a moving still image. The giveaway is the frozen grain and the ships movement becomes unnatural. Checked the season 1 version of this shot, if it does the same its masked very well.
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