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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I have to wonder if the fans speak loudly enough, would CBS consider going back and refining things on Season 2? For such a historical project, it would seem wrong to leave Season 2 in this shape. Not only do the new S2 effects lack CBS-D's fine polish, they lack an overall professionalism. I'm gobsmacked that this was ever allowed to happen.
I'll be the first to admit I was wrong about the work HTV did. Were there some things that should've been caught? Yes. Does it mean the entire season two effort was a waste? No.

I watched Contagion, The Royale and Time Squared last night and all three looked perfectly fine in motion.

The lighting of the models seems more in line with what we saw in the original releases instead of the work done by CBS. But this viewer is liable to find that the darker lighting of the models that CBS has done won't match up with the later seasons when live-action shots are so much brighter than seasons one/two.

I'm just not sure constantly harping on season two's effects flaws really is constructive. YMMV.
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