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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Have you never-- either in fiction or, perish forbid, in real life-- known someone who was self destructive, needed help, was resistant to that help and needed to be pushed and prodded in whatever way is necessary?
And so he didn't insist Jacqui leave with him... why?


This isn't about Andrea. This is about him. She doesn't get to do that to him, because he wants her. As a friend, a daughter, a lover, in what sense he wants her is not as important as the knowledge that he wants her and he will do what he can to keep a hold on that. After this display he thinks he deserves a medal or something, or at least, automatically, love and trust from Andrea (even as he holds on to her gun).

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you guys think Carol is older than Daryl?
Yes? I always thought Carol was a little older than Daryl, although it's true people often assume the age gap is significantly bigger probably due to the fact Carol has grey hair and Daryl does not (Melissa McBride is 47, Norman Reedus is 43).

It's a much smaller age gap than the one between Dale and Andrea, though, however one splices it.
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