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Re: Woman shot following Walking Dead argument

M. Laser Beam - I don't think anyone was blaming Walking Dead.

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Of course I'm not saying that a gun is less dangerous as a knife,

I'm saying IF, in your sick mind (not yours, you know what I mean) you wanted to kill a bunch of people a gun wouldn't be needed.
You cannot do the amount of damage that was done in Denver within the same relatively short timeframe without a gun, or a weapon and/or materials that - in America - is more difficult to acquire than a gun. This is why I had basically no fear of any copycat crimes occurring when I sat down in a theatre to watch Dark Knight Rises the same day as the Denver massacre.

It's ease of access combined with lethality. When you have people who aren't too bright - and/or are clearly mentally disturbed - and you give them that level of firepower, you get Tucson and Denver and what have you.
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