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Re: TFF: Is it possible they do find God?

It apparently couldn't travel independently from the surface up to the ship, and I got the impression that it didn't know a ship had arrived, or where exactly it was even after being told there was one.
Neither of these necessarily speaks of the weakness of the critter, though - only of the strength of the jail around Him. On any other planet, the situation might have been drastically different.

The barrier wasn't so much to keep it in, as keep others (with ships) out.
Umm, actually, it was said and demonstrated that the barrier was no obstacle to incoming ships. Since The One did not depart, it would be fair to speculate that the barrier was a much more real obstacle to Him. Sort of like a jail that stops incoming people only by the strength of "No Trespassing" signs, but outcoming people by the strength of steel bars and concrete walls.

Someone trapped it there long ago, that says something about it's intelligence.
In what way? All sorts of clever criminals (or clever decent folks) have been trapped eventually, thereafter spending a long time in jail.

I think the planet looked the way it did because The One had spent it's captivity having a multi-millennium long temper tantrum.
Makes a lot of sense. Although with His powers of manifestation, He could probably make the planet look like a paradise on short notice again. Regardless of whether it was one.

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