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Re: "What we got back, didn't live long.....Fortunately."

If matter streams are "fire-and-forget"..wouldn´t they be more like "they are either completely there or they are NOT there"? Then how would all the "boosting the signal" stuff we have had heard numerous times and the comment about "more gain" fit into this? I got the script snipped here for deeper analysis:

Decker EXITS. Kirk waits, collecting his composure as he watches him go. Then Kirk turns to glare at Scott. Interrupted by a flare as something shorts out at the mechanism where Scott and Decker had been working. Technician (Clearly) reacts, hits an inter- com button fast: TECHNICIAN (CLEARY) Transporter room, come in! Urgent! (to Scott) Redline on the transporters, Mister Scott! Scott whirls to a console fast, speaks urgently! SCOTT Transporter room, do not engage! Do not.... TECHNICIAN (CLEARY) (reacting to the reading; interruption) Too late; they're beaming now! Kirk is exiting on a run, followed by Scott. 76 INT. TRANSPORTER ROOM - INCLUDING TRANSPORTER CHAMBER 76 (O) An unusually defective looking TRANSPORTER EFFECT in progress, alternately flashing and glowing -- even the Transporter SOUND seems wrong, as if struggling to overcome some problem. At the console, CHIEF RAND and ASSISTANT are reacting in surprised, near-horror as they attempt vainly to save the situation. RAND (into intercom) Starfleet, override us! OVERRIDE...! Yank them back! Suddenly, from Rand's console,a VIOLENT GLARE -- a PROTESTING SOUND from the circuitry. And on the con- sole a red-warning light now begins flashing. STARFLEET VOICE Unable to retrieve their pattern, Enterprise....! Rand reacts in real horror now as human forms begin to FAINTLY MATERIALIZE, then FADE AWAY, then REAPPEAR IN FAINTLY MISSHAPEN FORM as she frantically works con- trols. Kirk ENTERS fast, steps to the console to assist Rand; Scott has also come in and moves to the console, brushes aside the Asst. Chief, and begins manipulating the additional controls himself. SCOTT We're losing the pattern...! KIRK (into intercom) Starfleet, boost your matter gain; we need more signal! RAND Oh, no! They're forming! 77 CLOSER ON THE TRANSPORTER CHAMBER (O) 77 with the human forms FLUTTERING INTO FULLER AND FULLER MATERIALIZATION, FRIGHTENINGLY, HORRIBLY MISSHAPEN. We RECOGNIZE one form as the Vulcan, Sonak -- the other a human WOMAN. They MATERIALIZE; we HEAR A MOAN form from the Vulcan -- the Woman's SCREAM OF PAIN. Then, all at once, the half-materialized bodies are gone; the transporter chamber is empty. KIRK Oh, my God...! 78 KIRK, SCOTT AND RAND 78 gazing, horrified, at the empty chamber. KIRK (into intercom) Starfleet, do you have them? A mutter of utter, vacant silence -- and Kirk and Scott look at each other again, their pained faces presaging the answer they already know: STARFLEET VOICE (shaken) Enterprise... what we got back didn't live long. Fortunately.
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