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Re: How do you deal with Depression?

I should add that she would be the first girl I had a date with I am really attracted to. In the past I have taken who ever has shown interest.

Even that serious girlfriend I mentioned in previous posts... I liked her and had feelings for her. But I was never really physically attracted to her. She had weight issues I feel real guilt about it now, but I thought well this is the best I can do. Even though my drive to gain confidence lead to my own weight loss before knowing her.

So when she broke up with me, it made me fell a whole bunch of things. Actually asking this new girl out, whatever happens long term, might be the most important moment in my life.... OK I am being dramatic but there is truth. I never really asked anyone out I know before. I been haunted by this since I was a teen.... Maybe I am over that. FINALLY!

I think it took a serious accident and moving far away from my past to do it. ALso I should give credit to my ex. Without her I not sure if this could have happened. SHe lives in another state, maybe we could just be friends now. No harm. She had to put with a guy with a lot of emotional issues. I put a lot of blame on her. She is my age. But has two daughters and is divorced and is settled in her work. Yet I am more like a 20 something guy. Never were in the same place.
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