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Re: CONSORTIUM: New Star Trek inspired game series

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Fans keep confusing Rodenberry's TNG-era ethos with that of The Original Series. JJ Abrams' version of Trek fits in perfectly with Gene Rodenberry's original concept of a fun action-adventure show in space.

Really, go back and watch those original episodes. There was a HELL of a lot of destruction and fighting!
Except that, even when compared to TOS, JJ's movies seem FAR more in line/focus with current perception of 'lots of destruction, action and little to no solid story filled with glaring plot holes'.
TOS was far from perfect (TNG included), but even it had its moments and managed to explain numerous things using problem-solving and science as opposed to 'lets destroy everything'.

I personally don't like the direction JJ's Trek took.
At least to me, it seems mind-numbing like most other Hollywood movies (and I understand that this perception is not shared by everyone).

I'm sad to see nuTrek not taking things more into the direction of the ideas that Roddenberry implemented for TNG.
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