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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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...the reason Andrea became pissy with Dale in general--even after she was seemingly over his suicide intervention. Dale seem to want to mold her into his fantasy--someone who shared his beliefs (and hang ups).
I only saw someone who saved her life and continued to worry about her and tried to cultivate in her a healthier state of mind.

Kegg wrote: View Post
He didn't save her. He guilt-tripped her - and only her (that other people were going to also commit suicide is besides the point). And after that he's seen confiscating her gun and generally treating her like his ward, which she's not. She's an adult and a lawyer, and this kind of infantilizing presumptiveness was pretty uncomfortable.
She was going to commit suicide. She may be an adult and a lawyer, but she was going to commit suicide. He saved her and continued to watch over her. Have you never-- either in fiction or, perish forbid, in real life-- known someone who was self destructive, needed help, was resistant to that help and needed to be pushed and prodded in whatever way is necessary? Because it happens quite frequently, even when there's not a Zombie Apocalypse on.

Other than that scene her relationship to Daryl has never implied the kind of mind games Dale played with Andrea. She's never demanded Daryl give his weapons to her, treat him like he's her non-adult son. So far as I can remember she never tried to guilt trip him either (but there was a lot of stuff going on about Sophia and it could be a scene has slipped my mind).
She would have no need to take his weapons, since he never tried to commit suicide. And she did try various approaches to getting through his defenses by appealing to his feelings, as happens in relationships between people.
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