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Re: How do you deal with Depression?

Well I asked out a girl I work with tonight. I never done that before. All dating I done has been through online dating sites. I never really like online dating, even though I did met a serious girlfriend that way. But that did not work out well...

Anyways, In the past I usually worked alone. Those I did like usually had boyfriends or were married.

This girl has been showing interest in me for awhile now. I am really attracted to her. So that was appealing. As a result I been more friendly than I usually am with anyone.

All this time, beyond the usual anxiety issue was age. I knew she was younger than me. Was not sure how younger. But I wondered if she knew my age. I am 34, but I but people think I am in my mid 20s. I guess because I take care of myself.

With in the last week or so, are conversations have taken so much of are time we not really working. What really motivated me was some common history. She said has lost a lot of weight and is not used to all the attention from guys she is getting.

At some point she mentioned she is 24 and had decided to change and be an adult. Well 10 year difference! I figured I better tell.

She was surprised but I could not tell if for good or bad. SO tonight among other flirting, she mentioned a guy younger than her being interested in her. But said she did not like that. So I asked her how about older guys. She said that she does likes older guys - No more obvious opening than that!!!!!!!

So we got each others numbers and plan on doing something on Tuesday or Wednesday. Not sure what the age difference will mean. She seems normal. I mean that in the best sense. In a lot of ways I am really starting out and feel like i am in my 20s anyways and I do look it.

So can I get some high fives for scoring a chick 10 years younger than me?

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