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Re: Replicator Economics

A household replicator doesn't require much of a support infrastructure, it seems. After all, Picard was going to donate one to the Uxbridges in "The Survivors": a fridge-sized thing supposedly perfectly capable of keeping the elderly couple supplied, on a planet where the only bit of infrastructure still standing was their own house, and the only bit of arable land was their lawn!

We have never heard of the Federation at large suffering from energy shortages. Supposedly, there are trivially easy and cheap means to extract endless energy from the environment, and the only sort of shortage that may hit you is a short-duration inability to get a sufficient power output for a key application after significant damage is suffered. And "The Survivors" would appear to indicate that the endless energy supplies a typical colonial household directly taps are enough to run a food replicator for the needs of two people.

I gather a food replicator is an option, much like a washing machine is today. But only freaks will go without one, and nobody has to go without one. Even the colonies from which the Maquis movement arose used food replicators ("Preemptive Strike")...

Timo Saloniemi
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