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Re: How many reset buttons?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
... You know the DS9 reset button that really pisses me off still every moment of my life, the first two episodes of season seven, have some really interesting introductions of Dax to all and sundry and then some absolute conflict with worf and I'm waiting for some escalation the next week, but in stead it's Take me out to the Holodeck and they're all buddies playing baseball.

Of course some bile did ooze up 3/4s of a season later after Ezi and Worf slept together.
So true. Bar that run of final episodes, I don't think DS9 S7 that great.

The Overlord wrote: View Post
...Janeway should have work harder to gain the trust of her crew then Picard or kirk, considering a quarter of her crew is Maquis, that should have a story arc.
The writers/showrunners should have tried harder but I did feel there was a sense in first seasons of crew trying to bond. That one with Tuvox and the three Maquis recalcitrants, the mutiny holoprogram, and later Suder.
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