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Re: TNG Caption This! 294: Say hello to Season 2!

Picard: Attention Federation vessel! I want my two dollars!

<Com> Picard to Riker. The war relief mission is cancelled. We're being diverted to Liberace IV. I expect you and Worf to practice doing what it takes to survive there, instead. That is all.

Enterprise: Try Obsession?
Passing Romulan Warbird: Ugh, no thanks.

Mister Crusher, ready tractor beam.
<Wesley taps buttons>

Run a sensor analysis.
<Wesley taps buttons>

Determine the ship's heading.
<Wesley taps buttons>

Open hailing frequencies.
<Wesley taps buttons>

<Wesley taps buttons>

Smell your seat.

I said sensor sweep.
<Wesley taps buttons>

Where does the holodeck get all of its matter?
It just reconstitutes the biological samples we leave here.
I notice your program has its own solar system.

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